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Eastland Generation

Eastland Generation is a Gisborne-based Eastland Group business that is wholly owned by the Eastland Community Trust.

Eastland Generation owns and operates a geothermal plant on the Kawerau field.  The GDL plant generates 8 megawatt of clean and renewable, baseload electricity.

Te Ahi O Maui is part of Eastland Group’s wider commitment to renewable generation in New Zealand.  Geothermal will provide clean base-load energy to New Zealand’s emerging alternative energy markets and play a greater role in meeting the country’s current and future energy needs.

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Te Ahi O Maui


Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust

The Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust is the owner of the 165 ha of land above the Kawerau geothermal reservoir, on which the plant will be built.

The Trust members are excited about the potential to use the land for the benefit of their people.  The Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust views the Te Ahi O Maui project as an investment in sustainable generation of energy for the local and national community.

It is also a way to foster local employment and education opportunities as well as creating a further revenue source to support its investments and growth into the future.

The land has many wahi tapu sites significant to the owners and Ngāti Tuwharetoa, including the ancient fresh water spring Te Wai U o Tuwharetoa.

Te Ahi O Maui